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About Gramaaranyaka Concept

Gramaaranyaka - A retreat in Nature's lap and an amalgamation of ancient traditions to reduce the growing distance between humans and their roots.

Gramaaranyaka - A retreat in Nature's lap designed to reduce the growing distance between humans and their roots. It developed around the core concept of a village powered by agricultural science, civilizations and literature.

Designed to blend timeless ethnicities and best practices of India, Gramaaranyaka is reintroducing the unique confluence of cultures to the current generations. With teachings and techniques from the Vedic Civilization embedded into every aspect of Gramaaranyaka, it is India's first-ever Cultural Destination.

In the Lap of Nature

It is located far away from the hustle and bustle of the vibrancy of city life. Gramaaranyaka is a perfect getaway to rewind and rejuvenate in the lap of Nature. Divided into experience zones with a significant theme, we promote living in the moment. With lush gardens and water elements, the experience zones like Sapta Nandi, Sapta Rishi, Navagraha and Nakshatra Vatikas will teach you the importance of lakes, Nature, astronomy, ancient Indian science, culture and traditions.

Gramaaranyaka - Discover the pleasures of simple living

Gramaaranyaka offers activities and experiences that introduce you to charming village life surrounded by farms and a regal natural habitat. Determined to acquaint today's generations with the core elements of Nature and Indian culture, we bring you an integrated concept of history, significance, stories and simplicity.

Bringing together families, friends and teams

Take a walk down memory lane and create fresh memories with your family and friends. Experience the village environment where you sing, dance, play and celebrate together. Gramaaranyaka is designed with features and activities that bring you closer to your dear ones and teach younger generations the value of togetherness and Nature.

In addition, there is something for the people of the corporate world. For example, Gramaaranyaka is an all-inclusive environment with multiple activities and games for corporate employees to relax and interact. In addition, there are designated areas with the option to have meetings, corporate events like the Amphi theater, activity lawns, and our village and Nature-based activities for team building.

Gramaaranyaka - Combining nature and culture

Imagine walking into a world of festivities, vibrancy, and bonding combined with Nature, calmness and rural habitat. From rural experiences like mud baths, head massages, and ethnic games to authentic multi-cuisine food in a village format, we have it all. Gramaaranyaka is an effort to revive the countryside's organic and natural essence. In addition, there are creative workshops and artifacts to give an experience of farmers, artists, and artisans from various cultures and villages across India.