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Gramaaranyaka Concept

Gramaaranyaka - A retreat in Nature's lap and an amalgamation of ancient traditions to reduce the growing distance between humans and their roots.

Gramaaranyaka - A retreat in Nature's lap designed to reduce the growing distance between humans and their roots. It developed around the core concept of a village powered by agricultural science, civilizations and literature.

Designed to blend timeless ethnicities and best practices of India, Gramaaranyaka is reintroducing the unique confluence of cultures to the current generations. With teachings and techniques from the Vedic Civilization embedded into every aspect of Gramaaranyaka, it is India's first-ever Cultural Destination.

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We Offer

Gramaaranyaka offers activities and experiences that introduce you to the charming village life surrounded by farms and a regal natural habitat. Determined to acquaint today’s generations with the core elements of nature and Indian culture we bring you an integrated concept of history, significance, stories and simplicity.

District Gravity

DG aims to bring out the courage and the sheer joy in what the adventures stand to offer.

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Induvanam - A unique Stay & Live experience comes alive at this charming ethnic style Farm Tourism Destination.

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Pool Paradise

Pool Paradise is a splashy aquatic oasis coming from District Gravity’s line up of destinations that will make up the future world lifestyle destination.

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Gramaaranyaka Farms

Gramaaranyaka, Farms will take you on the journey of another rural aspect of farming, horticulture and poultry.

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Gramaaranyaka Academy

Pathway into the world of hospitality.

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Gramaaranyaka Healing Center

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Gramaaranyaka Farms Restaurants

Every experience zone has a dedicated area for food and entertainment.

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Gramaaranyaka Memberships

Be a Member of Gramaaranyaka - One Membership, Many Privileges.
For membership benefits, mail to: info@gramaaranyaka.com

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